Home made SOUL FOOD | 🍖🥗🌽

Who doesn’t have love for food? Delicious home made food, in our household we all love eating some good made food. Normally on Saturdays or Sundays it depends the day I’m off work, we eat some delicious food. Whether it’s served with rice or without. Don’t get me wrong we like eating rice but we LOVE to eat spagetti, any type of shape and form.

Saturday morning we went to Save More (used to be Save A Lot) it’s a supermarket that sells American and Dutch brands. So we went over there and we decided we didn’t want to eat the regular stuff like porkchop, chickenbreast, chickenwings or steak. We wanted something different something tasteful.

So my amazing fiancé made this incredible combination of food. In this video you’ll see ingredients he used and how we cooked everything. It’s my first time (ish) recording a video.

If you would like to see more videos.. let me know and I would to my best to do so❤


Island Remedy 🌸 Night Crème |TheBeautyOfCafe

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